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It's often said that learning a wide range of styles is beneficial for a musician. I definitely encourage this as well as the study of wider approaches that can be applied in various scenarios and music generally.
That said, each style has it's own history and culture, and therefore unique drum sound. So if you're looking to play these more authentically, or if you would like to specialise, we can also go deeper.
Below are some of the books that I use in addition to grade material, so you can get an idea. Ultimately, though it's up to you!
Drumsense 1 & 2, The Art of The Drummer 1 & 2 - Great introductions to Rock and Pop.
Styles and Specialist Drummers -  Groove based systems which can be applied in a plethora of styles (such as those explored in Groove Alchemy, The Breakbeat Bible, or Future Sounds)...Broader approaches like The Language of Drumming or Exploring Your Creativity on The Drumset...Niche subjects such as Double Bass Drum Freedom or Funkifying The Clave (Afro-Cuban).
Classic texts such as Stick Control and Syncopation - Snare drum concepts and drum set interpretations for co-ordination. Further Independence explored in the modern classic: The New Breed.
Rudiments - Whether it's the Swiss, American, P.A.S. 40, or Charley Wilcoxon / Buddy Rich interpretations, or modern approaches from players such as Benny Greb, the fundamental stickings are essential.
Jazz - A lifetime of learning in and of itself! Some of the many great books include The Essence of Jazz Drumming, The Art of Bob Drumming and Beyond Bop Drumming.
If you would like to get a head start, click below on the icons for a few useful and inspiring places for drumheads.
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